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0001006Frama-CKernelpublic2011-11-02 13:082014-02-12 16:59
Assigned Tovirgile 
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Product VersionFrama-C Nitrogen-20111001 
Target VersionFixed in VersionFrama-C Oxygen-20120901 
Summary0001006: Kernel should desugar "complete behaviors"
DescriptionCurrently, the kernel does not transform "complete behaviors;" clauses into "complete behaviors b1 ... bn;" when it sees one. However, this would be worthwhile:
- it makes life simpler for all the plugins, that have one less case to handle
- if someone adds some named behaviors programmatically, the "complete behaviors;" clause becomes less precise.
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related to 0000998closed yakobowski Invariant used only in absence of precondition 
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2011-11-07 18:16   
Next commit will fix the bug, but at the same time slightly change the way such complete/disjoint clauses are handled when contract are split between various declarations: if we take the following file:

int x;

/*@ behavior a:
    assumes x >= 0;
void f(void);

/*@ behavior b:
    assumes x < 0;
    complete behaviors;
void f(void);

The old handling would treat the clause as complete behaviors a,b;, since it would operate on the merged contract resulting from both declarations. The new one considers that the only behavior involved in the implicit complete clause is b (the behavior that appears in the same contract as the clause). Naturally, it is always possible to explicitly state complete behaviors a,b;.
2014-02-12 16:59   
Fix committed to stable/neon branch.

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