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0001005Frama-CKernelpublic2011-10-28 17:152012-09-19 17:16
Assigned Tovirgile 
PlatformOSOS Version
Product VersionFrama-C Nitrogen-20111001 
Target VersionFixed in VersionFrama-C Oxygen-20120901 
Summary0001005: defining two axioms with same name causes kernel crash
DescriptionRunning "frama-c -cpp-command 'gcc -C -E -I.' -jessie '-jessie-why-opt=-exp goal' -no-unicode -jessie-atp simplify list.c" under why 2.30 on the attached program caused a kernel crash, asking to report it here. The last output was:

[kernel] failure: trying to register twice property `axiom
                  That is forbidden (kernel invariant broken).
[kernel] The full backtrace is:
         Raised at file "src/kernel/", line 509, characters 30-31
         Called from file "src/kernel/", line 503, characters 9-16
         Re-raised at file "src/kernel/", line 506, characters 15-16
         Called from file "src/logic/", line 349, characters 4-132
         Called from file "", line 69, characters 12-15
         Called from file "", line 69, characters 12-15
         Called from file "src/kernel/", line 1196, characters 5-43
         Called from file "src/kernel/", line 1412, characters 4-27
         Called from file "src/kernel/", line 64, characters 2-28
         Called from file "src/project/", line 490, characters 17-21
         Called from file "src/kernel/", line 33, characters 60-72
         Called from file "src/kernel/", line 723, characters 2-9
         Called from file "src/kernel/", line 200, characters 4-8
         Frama-C aborted because of internal error.
         Please report as 'crash' at

The program "list.c" is obviously faulty, as it defines two axioms with the same name "inj1".
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Attached Filesc list.c (69) 2011-10-28 17:15

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