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 ====== Compilation and Installation ====== ====== Compilation and Installation ======
-Binaries for Frama-C are available on [[http://​​download.html|this page]]. ​If no binary exists for your system, [[mantis:​frama-c:​compiling_from_source|instructions for compiling from source]] are available.+Current and old releases of Frama-C are available on [[http://​​download.html|this page]]. ​It contains the official installation ​instructions for supported systems.
 +Otherwise, [[mantis:​frama-c:​compiling_from_source|this Frama-C wiki page]] contains extra instructions for compiling from source on non-supported platforms. It also contains instructions for compiling older releases.
 ====== FAQ, Tips and Tricks ====== ====== FAQ, Tips and Tricks ======
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