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mantis:frama-c:start [Frama-C]

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Welcome to the Frama-C Wiki.

Is on-topic in this wiki anything that may be of help to others users of Frama-C and related tools: tips, changes that you have noticed, workarounds, etc. If it should have been in the manual, put it here. If it's too minute, platform-specific, or temporary to be a good fit for the manual, put it here. Your goal should be to make a wiki so clear and functional that it puts the authors of Frama-C's various manuals to shame.

Do not be afraid to reorganize the words of others if you feel that makes the wiki more useful as a whole. They agreed to let you do that when they chose to participate, and so do you.

To edit the wiki, login on the BTS. This site contains all possible syntax you may use when editing the pages of this wiki. This wiki is moderated after-the-fact.

Compilation and Installation

Current and old releases of Frama-C are available on this page. It contains the official installation instructions for supported systems.

Otherwise, this Frama-C wiki page contains extra instructions for compiling from source on non-supported platforms. It also contains instructions for compiling older releases.

FAQ, Tips and Tricks

External plug-ins

External plug-ins that you may find useful are available. The plug-ins currently described are Jessie, Celia and Werror.

Known issues

Open positions

Open positions in the Frama-C team are available.

Works about Frama-C

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