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How to update your plugin from Oxygen to Fluorine

Changes in Value

The interfaces of Value, including the directories src/ai and src/memory_state, have been simplified and reorganized. Changes that are not propagated automatically using the script oxygen2fluorine are detailed below.

  • Modules Locations.Location_Bits.Top_Param, Locations.Location_Bytes.Top_Param and Locations.Zones.Top_Param no longer exist as such.
    How to update: Use Base.SetLattice instead
  • Function Cvalue.Model.find_offsetmap_for_location have been removed.
    How to update: Use Cvalue.Model.copy_offsetmap instead.
  • Functions Offsetmap.reduce, Offsetmap.reduce_by_int_intervals, Offsetmap.shift_ival, Lmap.is_included_by_location_enum have been completely removed.
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