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 ====== Jessie ====== ====== Jessie ======
-This page presents some information ​about the [[http://​​jessie.html|Jessie plugin]] of Frama-C.+This page presents some tips about the [[http://​​jessie.html|Jessie plugin]] of Frama-C. 
 +===== Extracting proof obligation from a Jessie project ===== 
 +  usage: extract_obligation -f=funname -o=obligation [-s=solver] sources 
 +  Options: 
 +    -s=<​solver>​ or --solver=<​solver> ​ with solver in {coq,​smtlib,​alt-ergo} (default is coq) 
 +    -f=<​fun> ​   or --function=<​fun> ​  with fun a function in sources 
 +    -o=<​obl> ​   or --obligation=<​obl>​ with obl an obligation associated to the function (the name in available in the frama-c gui with jessie plugin)\\ ​  
 ===== Known issues ===== ===== Known issues =====
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