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mantis:frama-c:issue:731 [Frama-C]

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The following script does what is suggested in note 1519 of Issue 731. Namely, it detects pure prototypes whose signature does not name its arguments and give them the names x_0, x_1, …). This has an impact on generated assigns clauses for these prototypes. The code should work with the various brands of Frama-C Carbon but is largely untested. Use it at your own risk!
open Cil_types
open Cil
(* Just adds name to the arguments of prototypes that do not have any.
   Frama-C's kernel will take care of propagating the information where
class name_args proj =
  inherit Visitor.frama_c_copy proj
  method vglob_aux g =
    match g with
        GVarDecl (s,v,l) when Cil.isFunctionType v.vtype ->
          if Kernel_function.is_definition (Globals.Functions.get v) then 
          else begin
            match Cil.unrollType v.vtype with
              | TFun(rt,(Some (("",_,_)::_ as args)),vargs,attrs) ->
                let idx = ref 0 in
                let args = 
                    (fun (_,t,attr) -> 
                      let name = "x_" ^ string_of_int !idx in
                      incr idx; (name,t,attr))
                let newt = TFun (rt,Some args,vargs,attrs) in
                v.vtype <- newt;
                Cil.setFormalsDecl v newt;
                ChangeDoChildrenPost([GVarDecl(s,v,l)],fun x -> x)
              | TFun _ -> SkipChildren
              | _ -> Cilmsg.fatal "should be a function type"
      | _  -> SkipChildren
let name_args _ =
  (* create a new project to host the normalized code. *)
  let proj = 
      "normalize decls" (fun proj -> new name_args proj) 
  (* Be sure to copy the command-line options to the new project, i.e.
     everything other than the AST and the built-in functions of CIL.
  let selection = 
      (State_selection.Static.with_dependencies Ast.self) 
  let selection = 
    State_selection.Static.diff selection 
      (State_selection.Static.with_dependencies Builtin_functions.self) 
  Project.copy ~selection proj;
  Project.set_current proj
(* We do the transformation right after Frama-C has set the options and the 
   source file names. The call to create_project_from_visitor will automatically
   trigger the parsing and standard normalization phase.
let () = Cmdline.run_after_setting_files name_args

Use it like this:

frama-c -load-script <other options> <source files>
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