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mantis:frama-c:bug_reporting_guidelines [Frama-C]

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 ====== Using the Bug Tracking System ====== ====== Using the Bug Tracking System ======
-  * You must have an account to report an issue on the [[https://​​pub/​frama-c/​-/​issues|Bug Tracking System (BTS)]]. If you are creating your account for your first bug report, consider this trade-off carefully: we will never use your e-mail address to contact you for something other than the bug you reported. But if you provide an invalid e-mail address, your bug may linger for months because the assignee is waiting for more feedback and you didn't receive the notice. 
-  * Use English ​to report an issue on the BTSUsing French is also acceptable to report a **private** issue.+The bug tracker has been moved to Gitlab :​pub/​frama-c/​-/​issues
-  * Whenever possible, include **HOW TO REPRODUCE** ​the issue. Provide everything necessary ​for a smart, but not mind-reading,​ human to reproduce ​the buginput files, command line used, sequence of actions. ​  If your analysis project depends on system headers, please use one of the two options from [[|this message]]. +Please see the following page for the guidelines ​​Guidelines-for-reporting-bugs
- +
-  *  If possible, attach the automatically-generated journal (by default called ''​''​). Journals are enabled automatically when you use the GUI, or when using option ''​-journal-enable''​. Including a journal or a backtrace when available does not exempt you from providing the input files: a backtrace or a journal alone do not contain enough information to reproduce the behavior. +
- +
-  * Include the **OBTAINED BEHAVIOR** in enough detail that someone else (smart, but not mind-reading) can decide if they have reproduced your bug. +
- +
-  * Include the **CATEGORY**,​ that is which part of Frama-C is concerned by your bug report or feature request. Note that issues related to Why, including issues with Why's Graphical User Interface, must be classified in the category "​Plug-in > Jessie"​ (and not in the category "​Graphical User Interface"​ which is only relevant ​for issues specific to Frama-c's GUI). +
- +
-  * If the bug report is not for a crash, include the **EXPECTED BEHAVIOR** that you would have liked to see. +
- +
-  * The status of an issue may be one of the following:​ +
-    * **new** (lightred): the issue has not been yet considered by any Frama-C developer. +
-    * **assigned** (mauve): the issue has been assigned to a Frama-C developer (automatically or manually by another Frama-C developer). However the assignee has not yet considered this issue. +
-    * **acknowledged** (orange): the issue has been considered by the assignee (or by any Frama-C developer if there is no assignee) but not yet deeply investigated. +
-    * **confirmed** (yellow): the issue has been confirmed by the assignee (or by any Frama-C developer if there is no assignee). It is really a bug or a wished feature. +
-    * **resolved** (lightgreen):​ the issue has been fixed by the assignee. The Frama-C development version contains the patch which will be part of a future release. +
-    * **closed** (lightgray):​ the issue is no more relevant. Either it is not really a bug or a wished feature, or it is fixed in a public release available from [[http://​​download.html|the download page]] of Frama-C. +
-    * **feedback** (magenta): the issue was previously considered resolved or closed but has been reopened. +
-   +
-  * Remark: the **feedback** status is also used when the assignee requires additional information from the reporter.+
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